This huge white Art Deco building, with its giant clock, dates from 1938.  N A Trent's heroic reliefs of toiling workers embellish the entrance to the New Adelphi. 

The best view of the Art Deco building is from the South Bank Centre at night, when the building is floodlit. 

The New Adelphi stands on the site of the Robert and John Adam's original Adelphi , an elegant riverside apartment complex.  Built in 1768 - 72, the Adelphi was a pun on 'adelphoi', the Greek word for brothers.  

The simple, thin bricked design is reminiscent of Dudok's work yet the over-the-top friezes, including elephants and fish, are more in the Art Deco style as is the imposing doorway. The names of various UK cities are marked around the building. Through the doors note the chandeliers and marble columns. Walk round the block into Adelphi terrace and look at the almost angelic statues facing out over the Thames.
Height 41m Due to the site's topography, the building has 13 floors above ground on the Savoy Place frontage, but only 11 on the John Adam Street frontage
Adelphi Terrace
Famous people and institutions which have variously occupied this site include David Garrick, Richard D'Oyly Carte, Thomas Hardy, George Bernard Shaw, the London School of Economics and Political Science and the Savage Club. High reliefs
Adelphi Terrace
Adam Street
John Adam Street
Adelphi Conservayion Area


A building in Adam Street opposite John Adam Street  

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