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Index to diary of 2002

(References to we/our/us are about John & Judy)

Feb 16

Martyn and Fiona's Wedding

 at St Andrews Church, Boreham, Essex and

at Stockbrook Manor, Billericay, Essex

35x25_car_leaving_church.jpg (19857 bytes) 35x25 steps in.jpg (21114 bytes) 35x25 MF parents ross abby james.jpg (90406 bytes) 7x5 MF and Martyn family.jpg (71597 bytes)    
Church Arrival Parents Martyn Family    
7x5 MF and Fiona family.jpg (85683 bytes) 35x25 Martyn and the lads.jpg (14239 bytes) 35x25 cake.jpg (27640 bytes)      
Fiona Family Friends Cake      
Feb 22 to Mar 5

John went to Australia for the Grand Prix and spent time in Sydney & Melbourne

3x2_soh_from_boat_nth.jpg (12068 bytes) 3x2 city from boat.jpg (8604 bytes) 3x2_rocks_street_market.jpg (15206 bytes) 3x2 amp from hyde.jpg (23536 bytes) 7x3_our_boys_get_through.jpg (21738 bytes) 3x5_spray_farm_house.jpg (11834 bytes)
Sydney Opera House Sydney Harbour Boat Trip Sydney Rocks District Sydney AMP Tower Melbourne Grand Prix Scotsman's Hill Winery
Mar 16

We took a trip to Winterbourne for lunch and then toured the Reading University Campus

4x3 winterbourne arms.jpg (22439 bytes) 4x3 whiteknights lake 2.jpg (12715 bytes)        
Winterbourne Arms Whiteknights Park        
Mar 11

We went LL hunting in Suffolk


4x3 clare  1.jpg (16767 bytes)        
Cavendish Clare        
Mar 24

We went LL hunting in Northants and Rutland 


4x3 i n mongers orig 1.jpg (16599 bytes) 4x3 pastures new orig.jpg (13210 bytes)        
Stamford Duddington        
Mar 20

We went to the Boat Race on the Thames where we met Martyn & Fiona and her brother Neill

4x3 oxford cambridge finish 2.jpg (9103 bytes) 4x3 Martyn Fiona Judy Neil at Thames.jpg (14384 bytes)        
Boat Race Neill with M&F        
Mar 13

John went to Imola to speak to journalists at the San Marino Grand Prix

4x3 imola motorhome.jpg (17261 bytes)          
Mar 19

We went to London to choose wedding rings but spent some time at St Catherine's and Smithfield

4x3 smithfield phone boxes 6.jpg (18855 bytes) 4x3 St Katherines thames barges.jpg (16188 bytes)        
Smithfield St Katherine's        
Apr 27

We went on a folly hunt in Bedfordshire

4x3 Linslade Tunnel 3.jpg (15270 bytes) 4x3 Heath & Reach sign & folly.jpg (16069 bytes) 4x3 Woburn Town Hall.jpg (12779 bytes)      
Linslade Heath & Reach Woburn      
Apr 28

We had a birthday lunch at the Tower Arms and a rainbow over Abridge

Tower Arms Abridge        
May 5

We attended a motor race meeting at Silverstone

4x3 Lamborghini 1 Silverstone.jpg (10908 bytes)          
May 11

We went down the road `to the Bonham's auction of Aston Martins

4x3 Aston Martin Office.jpg (15796 bytes)          
May 19

We went to Lord's for England v Sri Lanka with Bill & Joan Fairclough...and then to Abbey Road

4x3 Lords pavillion.jpg (17695 bytes) 4x3 J&J Abbey Road.jpg (30657 bytes)        
Lord's Abbey Road        
May 20 - 23

John had a speaking engagement in Sweden. As he flew into Heathrow, Abby & Charlie flew in from Detroit.

4x3 hotel.jpg (16734 bytes)          
May 25

Our Wedding

took place at The Swan Revived in Newport Pagnell and then at our house in Mill Street.


6x4 signing jj.jpg (55725 bytes) 4x3 reception jj.jpg (30192 bytes) 6x4cake cutting.jpg (158716 bytes) 3x4 millst door3.jpg (31061 bytes) 4x3 web 9MS garden jandj preen.jpg (12571 bytes) 5x3 house jj sing.jpg (37578 bytes)
Registry Reception Cake Threshold Garden House
May 27 and June 1

we flew separately to the US

2x8 metro.jpg (5213 bytes)

John had to travel to Montreal for a speaking engagement and the Canadian Grand Prix

2x3 montcath outside.jpg (18966 bytes)        
Montreal Canadian Grand Prix        
June 15

Our US Wedding Reception was held in Plymouth, MI at Station 885

3x2 885 jj.jpg (21037 bytes)          

We visited Chicago (again) and took the Lake Trip

4x3 ch boat trip 5.jpg (5711 bytes) 4x3 hancock sseast2.jpg (6336 bytes)      
Lake Trip Oak Park Hancock Tower      

We visited Chuck & Joanne's cottage at Port Sanilak


John had a speaking engagement in Seattle...his last work for Jaguar Racing

4x3 snbay.jpg (4466 bytes) 3x3 jagfront.jpg (9856 bytes)      
Space Needle Boat Trip Jaguar Stand      
July 7

We travelled to North Devon to see Jez at Lee Abbey

web lee abbey house.jpg (8857 bytes)          
Aug XX

We attended "Diamond Day" at Ascot with Fiona & Martyn

4x3 picnic at ascot.jpg (20991 bytes)          
Aug xx

Lunch at The Swan, Chappel and a look at the railway museum

3x3 judy and gandy dancer.jpg (44192 bytes)          
Sep 4

We visited Leeds Castle in Kent for lunch and and then tea in Tunbridge Wells

4x3 judy and black swan at leeds castle.jpg (14768 bytes) 4x3 tonbridge wells pantiles.jpg (20255 bytes)        
Leeds Castle Tunbridge Wells        
Sep 9

John held his retirement party at Holden's near Warley

Sep 10

We took Mum to Bexhill to see Doug & Ruby Gowing and then to Bodiam Castle on the way back

4x3 bodiam Jand J.jpg (40932 bytes)        
Bexhill Bodiam Castle        
Sep 13

We took Cheryl and her Aunt Sharon on a tour of the Cotswolds

  4x3 sotw royalist.jpg (23175 bytes) 4x3 botw water.jpg (21241 bytes) 4x3 fox uo.jpg (14392 bytes)    
Upper Oddington Stow on the Wold Bourton on the Water Lower Oddington    
Sep 16 to 18

we took Mum down to Devon to see Jez at Lee Abbey

4x3 wylye bell.jpg (10945 bytes) web lee abbey house.jpg (8857 bytes) 4x3 landb viaduct.jpg (10477 bytes) 4x3 judy periwinkle.jpg (37847 bytes) web yarn market and castle 2.jpg (14006 bytes)
Wylye Lynton Lynmouth Lynton & Barnstaple Railway Selworthy Dunster
Sep 16 Sep 17 Sep 18
Sep 24

A short trip to Bury St Edmunds inc. tea at The Angel

4x3 angel hotel.jpg (10271 bytes)          
Oct 19

A trip to Northants looking for LL and Follies

4x3 nightingale with judy.jpg (11995 bytes) 4x3 bielden 2.jpg (7045 bytes) 4x3 finedon waterloo.jpg (29876 bytes)      
Pilton Lyvedon Finedon      
Oct 23

We had a local trip to Olney & Stony Stratford

3x2 Olney church Sth.jpg (8679 bytes)        
Olney Stony Stratford        
Oct 24

Floods on the river at Mill Street

4x3030103d.jpg (7159 bytes)          
Nov 18

We visited the "007" Exhibition at the Science Museum and then queued to watch the stars arrive for the premiere of "Die Another Day" at the Royal Albert Hall.

4x3 judy at RAH.jpg (30862 bytes)        
Nov 19

We went to Finchingfield on a LL hunt

pond and church.jpg (7836 bytes)          

We went to the US for Christmas and had a nostalgiac visit around Dearborn as well as a family Christmas party

4x3 sprys x2002 11.jpg (26252 bytes)        
Dearborn Family Party        
Dec 20 Dec 22        

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