Index to diary of 2003

This was the year we moved from Newport Pagnell to Exning at the end of February

Jan 3/4

The year started with floods on the river behind our Mill St house

4x3030103d.jpg (7159 bytes)          
Mill St floods          
Jan 7

We visited John & Heather and went for a walk by Danbury Lakes

4x3 danbury lake 1.jpg (10576 bytes)          
Danbury Park          
Jan 27 we visited Exning before moving to Gable Cottage on Feb 28 4x3 white horse.jpg (10238 bytes) 4x3 gable with car.jpg (11756 bytes)        
Exning Gable Cottage        
Mar 28

The first of our trips out was to Norwich

4x3 piggy bank with judy.jpg (9176 bytes) 2x3 cath west.jpg (4398 bytes) 4x3 adam eve.jpg (14981 bytes) 4x3 pulls ferry.jpg (42774 bytes) 2x3 royal arcade.jpg (14044 bytes)  
Eaton Norwich Cathedral Adam & Eve Pub Pull's Ferry Royal Arcade  
Apr 13

We went to London for the Marathon and then on to the V&A for an Art Deco exhibition

4x3 marathon paula.jpg (10769 bytes) 4x3 va.jpg (11974 bytes)        
Marathon V&A        
Apr 30 to May 7

We had a week long trip to Paris

Eurostar Eiffel Tower River Trip Montmatre    
Apr 30 May 1    
4x3 rodin house.jpg (20549 bytes)
Louvre Rodin Marmottan Art Deco Invalides Versailles
May 2 May 3 May 4
La Defence Arc de Triomphe Samaritaine Notre Dame Place des Vosges  
May 5  
monets hopuse.jpg (23225 bytes) 4x3 gare du nord.jpg (23429 bytes)      
Arcades Giverney Gare Du Nord      
May 6 May 7      
May 9 - 16

Abby visited us to attend Mum's 80th birthday celebrations

4x3 workshop for auction.jpg (20691 bytes) 3x5_fenchurch_street.jpg (13315 bytes) 4x3 mum 80 at gable.jpg (26411 bytes) 4x3 aj brosnan.jpg (21050 bytes) 4x3 em80 20s.jpg (15441 bytes)  
Newport Pagnell London Monopoly Gable Madame Tussauds The Bear, Stock  
May 10 May 11 May 14 May 15 May 18  
Jul 5 - 7

John attended Formula Student as a judge and to present prizes

fstudent6.jpeg (8491 bytes)          
Jul 9

We attended the Hampton Court Flower Show

4x3 flower bed.jpg (27668 bytes)          
July 19

We travelled across Suffolk to the coast

4x3 snape concert hall.jpg (14086 bytes) 4x3 dunwich2.jpg (6557 bytes) 3x4 southwold lighthouse.jpg (7255 bytes)      
Snape Dunwich Southwold      
July 12

We visited Lichfield

3x4 Lichfield Cathedral west.jpg (22563 bytes)          
Aug 27

We went to Kent to see Churchill's home at Chartwel

4x3 chartwell house close.jpg (16508 bytes)          
Aug 28 - Sep 10

We visited the US

4x3_whq_air.jpg (18555 bytes) 4x3_daday_tbird.jpg (8593 bytes)    
From Air Henry Ford Museum 007 Boat Trip to Windsor Ontario Plymouth, Michigan    
Aug 28 Sep 5 Sep 6 Sep 8    
Sep 19

We visited Chelmsford and the RHS Hyde Hall

4x3 chelmsford viaduct.jpg (18256 bytes) 4x3 HH13.jpg (22626 bytes)        
Chelmsford Hyde Hall        
Sep 21

We went to Bourneville for the Lilliput Lane Collectors Fair

4x3 bourneville octagon judy.jpg (11767 bytes) 4x3 LL collectors.jpg (17565 bytes)        
Bourneville LL Fair        
Sep 22

We visited John & Heather and took a walk around Wickham Bishops

4x3 wickham church.jpg (32256 bytes)          
Oct 1

We visited the NT property Eltham Palace a combination of medieval hall and the Courtauld's Art Deco home

4x3 Eltham new house.jpg (18588 bytes)          
Oct 4

We visited our local NT property at Anglesey Abbey

Oct 15

We took Mum to see the Gowings at Bexhill and then stopped at Battle on the way back

4x3 Battle 002.jpg (18628 bytes)        
Bexhill Battle        
Oct 22

We went to Greenwich but called in to Upton Park for tickets and returned for a match in the evening

4x3_Upton_Park.jpg (16625 bytes) 3x4_judy_at_greenwich_meridian.jpg (29551 bytes)        
Upton Park Greenwich        
Oct 30

Another NT property at Wicken Fen

4x3 boat.jpg (22479 bytes)          
Dec 15

a LL Hunt in Kent

4x3 chatterbox corner judy.jpg (22201 bytes) 4x3 pooh hartfield.jpg (7974 bytes)        
Fordcombe Hartfield        
Dec 16 to year end

We travelled to the US for Lisa's Wedding on Dec 28

3x3 Land L arrive reception.jpg (10947 bytes)          

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