Ely Heritage


This page has photos of buildings open on Heritage Day 2009 (Sept 13)    Monastic Buildings

Most of teh buildings were near the Porta, the great gateway of the Monastery, which was begun in 1396. It was at one time a gaol, then an ale-house.

7 & 9 Silver Street CB7 4JF Part of a 14th century Hall House

Whilst waiting to enter I was fascinated by the roof

.... there are excellent wall paintings

The Monastic Barn


It was built c.1375 as part of the South Gateway to the monastery, probably as the store for provisions. At present used at the dining hall for the King's School.


It has a spectacular timber roof.


Prior Crauden's Chapel is a 14th Century building   1850 Sketch   LNER Poster

has the remains of wall paintings and a superb medieval tiled floor. The lower level

The Bishops Palace    .....................

.....  has the Bishop's Chapel

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