Phone Box


Judy has always been fascinated by British Red Phone Boxes: The K6, even before she met John, or had any association with Britain. On trips around the world the existence of them would be noted our interest in Lilliput Lane models....some of which have phone boxes

3x4 Tower Black phone box.jpg (13593 bytes)
New Orleans London, Ontario Ellenton, Florida Black box in Tower of London "Mother & Daughter", Smithfield "Out of Order"


Schizophrenic K6: doesn't know if it is a red phone box or a yellow AA box

Kirkstone Pass Inn

Lilliput Lane models with Phone Boxes
Thorpe Park              
Then one day in 2005 John announced that he'd bought her very own from "Remember When". This is the saga of it's installation

Empty space ...the big day (July 22, 2005) & phone box arrives.

The attempt to get it over from next door..........  foiled by the overhanging tree over the wall into the garden... rest on a pallet...... ....and the space is empty. Time to re-think
A week later (July 29) after Will had thought about it.....back to the methods of the Pyramids and Stonehenge roll it across the garden
Not so easy when it weighs 1500lb i.e. 750 kg or 0.75 tons....but with a block & tackle it's possible
But there's still the problem of lifting it into position........and the crane is needed from next door again....
.........but this time only the chains need to go through the tree  Finally it's in position!
........much to the delight of its new owner.......  ....and the patio project is finished..
Some phone boxes around the UK

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