Main Hall


"The New Hall" was built late in the 1930's
The building is dual purpose used for worship on a Sunday (John has led worship and preached there)......... The picture on the back wall shows the link with Gandhi
and was the place where John's parents were married February 13, 1943 .. and where Bill's funeral service was held in June 2000 There is a dedicated chapel where John was baptized in Sept. 1947
...and activities like the Tea Dance midweek The grand piano was used for practise by a teenage Dudley Moore
Rick Westwood has been lead guitarist of The Tremeloes since 1962.

He & friend, Barry Webber, played at KH around 1956., when he was 13 years old. They both played skiffle on acoustic guitars & Barry sang.

Rick's first public performance was on the stage in the Main Hall and he visited KH in January 2011 (photo opposite)

Rick's account of his early musical days can be found here.

Early photos.

The Tremeloes still perform and I've seen them at Ipswich (2008) and Cambridge (2010) meeting with Rick on both  occasions.

and it's also used for the Barking Model Railway Society Exhibition
  A Harvest Festival
Some Art Deco features in the chapel
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