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Some Lilliput Lane Models in France (For complete list click the "up" button)

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Name Model Original Building Actual Location
Bergerie du Perigord, La 

Photos: Jan & Mike Tarrant

Info from Jan & Mike Tarrant

Cabane du Gardian, La 
      Photos: Jan & Mike Tarrant     Other photos

Info from Jan & Mike Tarrant

Camargue Regional Nature Park








Chaumiere du Verger, La  .

Photos: Jan & Mike Tarrant.


Jan & Mike Tarrant info

The styling of LL LA CHAUMIERE du VERGER

Is based on the traditional Upper Normandy building.

The photos show an example


Le bati traditionnel


This is located in

the Upper Normandy coastal





N49.4259 E0.6077

Virtual Tourist


L’Auberge d'Armorique  .
Photo: Jan & Mike Tarrant
North Coast of Brittany 

Info from
Jan & Mike Tarrant





La Normandie  .
Photo: GW

Photos: Jan & Mike Tarrant..

Jan & Mike Tarrant info:




Le Bourg

N49.3232 E0.0643

Second photo shows additional features / and styling of La Normandie.



La Provence  . . Provence
Photo: GW
Locmaria  . .

Photos: Jan & Mike Tarrant

Info from
Jan & Mike Tarrant



Manoir de Champfleuri, le  . Loire
Mas du Vigneron, le  . . Provence
Maselle de Nadaillac, La 


       Photos: Jan & Mike Tarrant


Info from
Jan & Mike Tarrant

Private Farmhouse at "Les cabanes-du-breuil"

24200 St André d'Allas

Tél: 06 80 723 859

Open Air Museum
open to the Public with an
y Fee.

This farming hamlet
has been
occupied by three
generations of

the same Family.

This was an extremely
informative visit -
Quite amazing!

There were many farm
buildings built in this
style showing

how they were actually

Petit Montmartre, le  .

Photos: Jan & Mike Tarrant..

Montmartre,  Paris


Jan & Mike Tarrant identify as this restaurant

La Boheme du Tetre

2 Place du Tertre,

18eme, 75018 Paris, France

(NE corner adjoining Rue Norvins)


Porte Schoenenberg, La  .

Photos: Jan & Mike Tarrant.

Riquewihr, Alsace

Jan & Mike Tarrant info


Rue des Remparts


N48.167234 E7.29513



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