US Trip Jan 2012


My trip to Metro Detroit in January 2012

Jan 10 -- Paul & Nancy Shank

C3P Reunion -- Richard Riff Retirement -- Fairlane Manor  -- Jan 12, 2012 (This set of photos by Allan Hermann)

Euge Greenstein

John Knight-Gregson of Jaguar had flown over for the event

Ford VP & CIO, Nick Smither with recognition from Ford Management

Mark Johnston organised the event, presenting other gifts

The group photo with many of my friends from Ford and Vendors worldwide

13: Bahama Breeze:

Steve, Margaret & Andrew Mahoney




The Renaissance Center

Formula SAE cars at the 2012 Detroit Motor Show in Cobo Hall

Jan 17: Bailey's--JRS, Rick Van Valkenburg, Steve VanHoose, Kevin Carleton
  Mon 9 Tue 10 Wed 11 Thu 12 Fri 13 Sat 14 Sun 15
Lunch Flight Olga's Allen Park PF Chang,
TGI Fridays
Grizzley Bear,
Ann Arbor
Rams Horn,
Olive Garden,
Paul Shank Tom Bacus   Bob DeLosh   (Note 3)
Nancy Shank Carolina
Dinner Mitchells,
Stonefire Bistro,
C3P Reunion
Fairlane Manor
Bahama Breeze House of Lee Benehana
Farmington Hills
Patty Hartman Judy Saville Cheryl Crawford (Note 1) (Note 2) Patty Hartman Patty Hartman
          Brian Nuorala  
Singing   Whiskey Bar O'Tooles Halligans O'Tooles    
Lunch Mon 16 Tue 17 Wed 18 Thu 19      
Andiamos, Detroit Mudgies, Detroit Mexican Fiesta Rams Horn, Farmington      
Bob Goudie Patty Hartman Ford IT Retirees        
Diana Goudie Lisa (note 4)        
Drinks   Baileys
  Steve VanHoose          
  Kevin Carleton          
  Rick Van Valkenburg          
Dinner Bahama Breeze Kiernans,
Andiamos, Dearborn        
Patty Hartman Clive Johnson Nick Bell        
Brian Nuorala            
Singing   Whiskey Bar O'Tooles        
  Pam Martin Harold Stehlik        
  Harold Stehlik          
(Note 1) (Note 2) (Note 3) (Note 4)  
C3P Reunion
Fairlane Manor
Bahama Breeze Dearborn Episcopal Church Mexican Fiesta
Ford IT Retirees
Richard Riff Euge Greenstein Tony Hemmelgarn Max Davies Julia Davies Martha Amis Tom Bacus  
Nick Smither Bob DeLosh Pete Pritchard Steve Mahoney Margaret Mahoney Carolyn Blackmore    
David Buttery Paul Shank John Knight Gregson Don McKinnon   Nick Bell Bob Balaka  
Steffen Mueller Urbaniak Ed Jones         Ed Moylen  
Kevin Timms              
Paul Landray              
Mark Johnson              
Barry Caldwell              

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