The Gallops


  • Newmarket became the centre of British Horse Racing because of the Gallops on which horses can be trained.
  • One of our pastimes is too go up during a morning training session
Horses at the start of going up Warren Hill
Tattersalls Auction Ring can be seen with the Green Roof Mum & Shirley chatting to a Stable "Lad"
Sky is very interested in horses
so pictures are taken  

During visit of Charlie & Katie [Photo: Charlie Basile Jan 2005]

During Sprys/Basile holiday June 29, 2006
[Photo: Chuck Bur June 29, 2006]                                 We forgot Kathy had a background in horses and could give an expert opinion
Another American at the Gallops -- Patty
A view of Warren Hill  
Arriving at the Gallops..... start the uphill run
Rainbow over the Gallops........  lucky for some??




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