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sprys at wedding.jpg (22846 bytes) I am of Polish extraction with a family name of Sprys I work for Mobile Ed Productions, Inc. - Education Through Entertainment who provide educational programs for Primary/Elementary school assemblies .

At one point I left and formed my own business "I Can Do That!"

Coachmakers.jpg (11543 bytes) When I came to England we first lived in Newport Pagnell It has many Pubs!

This is the 400 year old pub at which we used to karaoke on Thursdays

9_Mill_Sreet_NP_Thomas_T4_35.jpg (12819 bytes) I lived on a street called Mill Street, because it runs down to the former site of a watermill

This is the beautiful little 100 year old house we lived in in 2001/2002.

Following John's retirement we moved to Exning, just outside Newmarket -- the "horse racing capital of Britain" -- in February 2003. We then lived in a 140 year old "Gable Cottage"
Judy_hills.jpg (5170 bytes) I've been able to go on many trips throughout England and these are noted in our Diary for 2001 through 2006. Parsons_Retreat_small.jpg (1998 bytes) Whilst John was working we spent some of our Saturdays and Sundays and a holiday finding my Lilliput Lane cottages that really do exist. I call them our "adventures". Since his retirement we've had many trips out to find them


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