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Hidden Treasures Lavenham Shop   Jun 16

Timbers Antiques

10-13 High Street

CO10 9PY

N52.1086 E0.7951 276703 


Mayflower House Lavenham Museum . Apr 89

Dec 90

Little Hall

Market Place  north east side

N52.1090 E0.7971 276762

Lavenham is probably the best example of a medieval town in England, built on the wealth of wool in East Anglia.

In Tudor times, Lavenham was said to be the fourteenth wealthiest town in England, despite its small size. Its fine timber-framed buildings and beautiful church, built on the success of the wool trade, make it a fascinating place to explore today.

Although Lavenham goes back to Saxon times, it is best known as a medieval wool town. It was granted its market charter in 1257 and started exporting its famous blue broadcloth as far afield as Russia.
Most of the buildings in Lavenham today date from the 15th century, many of these were never altered due to the fall of the weaving industry. Consequently the town is still very much on the same scale as it must have been in the 15th century. 

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