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Triangular Lodge Rushton Open to public   Jun 08 Triangular Lodge

 at Rushton Hall

NN14 1RP

  Rushton's Triangular Lodge was built by Sir Thomas Tresham (an English Catholic) at the end of the 16th Century

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Lilliput Lane's "Triangular Lodge" is based on  Rushton's Triangular Lodge at Rushton Hall, NN14 1RP  [IoE 231150]
Tresham built the triangular lodge as a testament to his faith: the theme of 'three' representing the Christian Holy Trinity of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The three walls are each 33 feet wide (Jesus Christ was 33 when he was crucified). They are shown in these photographs.

The base of the building is an equilateral triangle. There are three floors with three windows to each floor. On the top of each wall are three gables.

Around the building are numbers, Latin inscriptions and sculptures which represent biblical themes, Bible verses and the families of Tresham and his wife, Meriel Throckmorton.

On the entrance front is the inscription ‘Tres Testimonium Dant’ (‘there are three that give witness’), a Biblical quotation from St John’s Gospel referring to the Trinity. It is also a pun on Tresham’s name; his wife called him ‘Good Tres’ in her letters.  
The windows contain triangles, crosses and trefoils
Note teh Tefoil on the Tresham Coat of Arms  

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