St Katherine's Dock

Up Dickens Inn St Kaths at night History Sign

My favourite area in London is St Katherine Docks just to the East of Tower Bridge.

There is usually a good array of boats there. Here's a walk clockwise round the Dock

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On the path from the Tower of London  there is a sign celebrating the history of the dock area. (Click for details) Colourful decor  [Photo: Kathy Sprys,  June 24, 2006]
On the left as you enter are Thames Barges
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  1st day for the Sprys /Bur holiday [Photo: Chuck Bur,  June 24, 2006]
It must be one of the most picturesque settings for a Starbucks!!!
Other old warehouses have been converted to flats, shops and restaurants
Sliding footbridges allow short cuts. This one by Telford (famous for Ironbridge)
View across to Dickens Inn -- originally a Spice warehouse built in 1799. (see individual page)
Gloriana in Oct 2012  
View behind Dickens Inn to Thomas Moore House (AT&T offices) You can wander further round the docks
[Photo: Chuck Bur,  June 24, 2006]        Or look across the dock to the Starbucks...... [Photo: JRS  May 12, 2010]
...or continue across past the Dickens Inn  
In April 2009 Suhali,  (the boat in which Robin Knox-Johnston was the first man to sail single-handed, non-stop around the world. was on temporary display to celebrate 40 years since that event.                
Diana & Bob Goudie Kathy Sprys enjoys the local icons  [Photo: Chuck Bur,  June 24, 2006]
If you continue round you may see some young ducks near the outlet to Thames
where a Thames barge might be returning from causing Tower Bridge to open  The 'Timepiece' sundial sculpture was designed by artist, Wendy Taylor, and installed in 1973.       On Sundial Trails {Thames  City}
Seen from Tower Bridge Entrance from the River
Interesting sign where we often park.... [Photo: Chuck Bur,  June 24, 2006] Alderman's Steps lead down the river


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